Thought Leadership Marketing Can Jumpstart Business Growth


Thought leadership has become a common topic in content marketing circles. But, do you really know what it means? One of the best definitions comes from Denise Brosseau’s Thought Leadership Lab: “They (thought leaders) are changing the world in meaningful ways and engage others to join their efforts. They create evolutionary and even revolutionary advancements in their fields not just … Read More

Sales and Marketing Mastermind


Learn from your peers

“None of us is as smart as all of us” – Ken Blanchard Have you ever felt like you were the only one struggling with your current challenge? The collective intelligence and experience of your peers will help you shift perspective and overcome blind spots. Masterminds are a great catalyst for change, provide an awesome opportunity to network, and a … Read More

Why Startups Must Prioritize Marketing & Sales Strategy


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017 showed an increasingly high birth rate for startups: 415,266. However, most startups fail—while there is currently some debate regarding the startup failure rate, most sources put it somewhere between 60% to 90%. That’s a huge gap, but it still serves to remind us that there are many factors that contribute to … Read More

Catalyst Sale Call Plan Template


Call Plans That Help You Execute

A Failure to Plan is a Plan to Fail – Ben Franklin This week we discussed the Catalyst Sale Call Planning template. This was the first in a series of discussions where we will focus on the tactical aspects of Sales. Many of the concepts discussed can apply to meeting planning and SME discussions as well. Catalyst Sale Call Planning … Read More

Building a Sales Technology Stack that Works with Your CRM Program


If you’re like most business leaders, you keep a close eye on sales—not just the numbers (that goes without saying), but the process, as well. You want your sales staff to be as efficient as possible. You know that technology is the answer and that the choices are endless, with new solutions and services being launched all the time. Even … Read More

Coaching – Is a Coach the Right Fit?

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Is this a job for Coaching, Training, or Mentoring? Getting better every day is something that many people discuss, however they fail in execution. The greatest athletes in the world rely on coaches every day – do you? It is one thing to aspire to grow, aspire to improve, it is another thing to take action. Action starts with a … Read More

Episode 58 – What is an SDR? Guest Morgan Ingram

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SDR - Morgan Ingram

Guest – Morgan Ingram, Host of the SDR Chronicles The Sales Development Representative (SDR) role is another level of specialization within the sales function.  Some organizations have adopted this role and successfully integrated the position into their teams, while others struggle with success.  Many of the organizations who struggle with success have identified a breakdown in transition process between the … Read More

Sales Territory Planning That Works

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Territory Planning – A Catalyst Sale Approach Territory planning is where it all begins.  You establish the outer guideposts for where you will focus your attention.  The broader this range is, the higher the risk.  The more targeted, based on data, the lower the risk. STARTING FROM SCRATCH Let’s say you have joined a new team, you have picked up … Read More

The LinkedIn SSI Score – Does it Correlate to Sales Success?

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the proposal step

Host Question – What is an SSI Score? Jody threw us a curveball this week, with his own question.  He has heard Mike and I give each other a hard time about our individual SSI score, and finally asked – what is an SSI score?  This prompted a discussion and a Catalyst Sale Research Project. There’s an old saying in business … Read More

Why Your Leadership is Crushing Your Sales Culture

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When you are building a sales team, you want to give them an advantage, so it makes sense to lay out your process, step by step, right? You provide scripts, checklists, and a playbook to outline the process so your sales team can follow every step of the way. This is how to build a successful sales team, right? Wrong. … Read More