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New Beginnings – Kicking off 2022

As we near the end of another year, it is natural for people to feel a bit apprehensive. Some have had a great 2021 and are unsure if they can equal or top what they have accomplished. Others have had … Read More

Mindset in Sales, Business, and Life

Take Dead Aim Golf is one of those games where your mindset can make or break a round. There are a number of correlations between golf and life, golf and sales, sales and life, and life and business. How do … Read More

Sales Targets: What They Are & How to Meet Them

As Q4 comes to a close, the time has come to set sales targets and create plans to hit them. These are our thoughts. … Read More

Revenue Operations Model - Customer, Organization, Individual

Let’s Talk about Revenue Operations

Revenue operations is a topic that we are seeing come up more and more often. I want to put my thoughts out there. So we can get started on the right foot, let’s start with a definition. What is Revenue … Read More

Addressing the Leadership Void

Leadership – addressing the current VOID

Updated 07/04/2023 I was fortunate enough to work with a retired Col. early in my career. There are a number of statements Chuck made that have stuck with me over my career. The first – “Be Bright, Be Brief, Be … Read More

What Goes into a Decision?

**Updated Data as of 08/31/2020** What goes into a decision? How does this change depending on if it is a good decision or a bad one? How does this change if it is reversible or not reversible? That’s a lot … Read More

Where Does Revenue Come From?

Where Does Revenue Come From?

Better yet – where does your revenue come from? Can you draw it up on a whiteboard? If everyone in the org drew their version of the model, equation, funnel, etc – would it look the same? This is a … Read More

Clarity and Focus – Lead to Execution

Clarity + Focus, lead to execution. Well – they do, if you do the work… I get it most of us do not like math. However, there are a couple of us out there who do. I’d like to start … Read More

Timely Topics

Timely Topics – The What, Why, How, and Impact as We Adopt Remote Work

Many of us are making the transition to remote work, work from home, or varied hours as we adopt social distancing and work to combat the current pandemic. We are all in this together. However, some of us are further … Read More

Merry and Bright

What Do Christmas Movies Have to Do with Sales?

25 Days of Sales Tips The 25 to 30 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorite of the year. It’s a time to give thanks, reflect, connect, prioritize, and execute. In November you reap the rewards of work, the … Read More