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What Do Christmas Movies Have to Do with Sales?

Merry and Bright

25 Days of Sales Tips

The 25 to 30 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorite of the year. It’s a time to give thanks, reflect, connect, prioritize, and execute.

In November you reap the rewards of work, the foundation, you put in place at this time last year.

It’s also a time where it makes sense to watch a couple of my favorite holiday movies. To celebrate this time of year, have a little fun, and share some lessons learned, we are kicking off 25 days of Sales, Business, and Life tips, in the context of some of my favorite holiday movies.

Each day, I’ll release a new video – keep an eye out for the details – you should see proper nods to the original movies.

I have a couple of goals with this.

  • Demonstrate the simple messages in movies that we love, and how they apply to the work we do
  • Get better with video
  • Execute on a daily commitment
  • Have fun

What’s Your Favorite One?

Let me know which of these episodes hit the mark for you. Which was your favorite and why?

3 entries will be drawn randomly, and will receive a Catalyst Sale t-shirt – the first one selected will receive a $25 Starbucks gift card.

Day 1 – Don’t Be a Washing Machine

Day 2 – Simplify

Day 3 – Guiding Light (find your snow globe)

Day 4 – Without Words (Communication)

Day 5 – Reflection

Day 6 – Bias

Day 7 – Find Your Advocate

Day 8 – Creativity & Innovation

Day 9 – Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Day 10 – Guiding Principles

Day 11 – Break the Pattern

Day 12 – Level Up

Day 13 – Overcoming Fear

Day 14 – Question Timing

Day 15 – Building Rapport

Day 16 – Narrative and Story

Day 17 – Know Your Strengths

Day 18 – Problem Solving

Day 19 – “A Cruddy Commercial”

Day 20 – Expectations

Day 21 – Let Your Team Dance

Day 22 – Know Your Metrics

Day 23 – Island of Misfit Toys

Day 24 – World’s Best Coffee

Day 25 – Yippee Ki Yay

Continue the Discussion

If you like the videos – please check out the Catalyst Sale Podcast – We go into more detail about many of these concepts. If you have a question or have a suggestion about a video we should include in the series – just click on the live chat or fill out our contact us form – thanks!

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