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Sales Process


Sales is a Thinking Process.

What is a Process?

A series of steps that someone follows, in a particular order to accomplish something. 

The definition of sales process shifts depending on if you are looking at it through the lens of the customer, the business, or the individual. 

Benefits of Having a Sales Process


When using a process, you are able to create timelines and know where you are going to stand day, weeks, or months from now.

Creating Predictability

After using a process for awhile and gather data on it, you will be able to make estimates based off numbers.

Identifying Risk

Leaning into your data can help you identify outliers and any potential gaps withing your process.

Know your customer

Understand the Buying Process

Before you interject yourself into the process, you've got to know where your customer is coming from. Why are they looking for a solution? What will go into their decisions?

know your business

Know Where You Stand

Knowing who you can serve and how exactly you can serve them, puts you in the driver's seat. When you know the solutions you can offer, you know the problems you can solve.

flow chart of the sales rep approach

know your approach

Follow the Sales Rep Approach

Identify prospect, ideal customer profile, engage with the person(s), and establish objectives. Then, we clarify next steps by identifying the next actions, and call the prospect to action (use this as a way to hold the person(s) accountable). This process loops until the deal is closed.

Putting it all together using "Sales is a Thinking Process"

Take the Next Steps

Download the sales process worksheet and start testing.

"I strongly recommend this course for every stage of a sales career, from casual contemplation to veteran pro."

"For most of my 19-year sales career, I've sought to continuously improve my processes. This has lead me down a number of paths as it relates to seller journeys, buyer journeys, org charts and everything in between. What many of the methodologies I encountered had in common, was that they seemed to add complexity when simplicity is what I sought. Enter the "Demystify Sales" course. Through this course, what felt like it should be simple, actually became so. Mike makes such sense of what's necessary to identify gaps in my process, that what I'm learning is immediately actionable and effective. Mike covers everything from thinking and planning, to execution while including essential tools to help accelerate learning. Instead of scripting, Mike introduces an on-point framework that makes gaps evident, prompting me to creatively consider the questions I need to ask to fill them. I strongly recommend this course for every stage of a sales career, from casual contemplation to veteran pro."
DeJuan A. Brown
Director, Solutions Specialist- SLG at Microsoft