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Episode 45 – Proposal Templates – Good, Bad, Ugly

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Listener Question – Proposal Templates

This week on the Catalyst Sale podcast we review another listener question. Lynn asks about proposal templates, and if it is common to use templates that are more focused on the vendor’s business than the customer.   In her organization, they use a template that focuses on their business and the market, and wonders if this is the right approach.

Unfortunately, yes, this is far too common these days.  Proposals many times are re-used, each one building off the most recent successful version.

Should you use a proposal template for your customers?

It depends, in a highly transactional business a proposal template might make sense.  This would include scenarios where someone is purchasing off-the-shelf materials like staples, paper clips, paper, etc.

Can you formalize the approach to proposals without templates?  

Yes, the structure can be formalized, but not the content.  The content should be delivered in the context of what you know about your customer.

What are the risks in using a template?  

Common risks include typos that scale. Inadvertently including another customer’s name in the proposal.  Confusing the prospect.

On this week’s episode, we discuss how we structure proposals within the Catalyst Sale process, how we apply this across our customer base, and why it works.

Share your proposal approach with us via  We are interested in seeing what works for your organization, how your customers respond to your approach, and why you have taken this approach.  We will share examples on a future podcast episode, and may have you on as a guest.

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