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SALES is about helping your customer SOLVE Problems

A defined process, built on a foundation of frameworks, systems, tools, design and thinking - will help YOU sell & help YOU transfer that capability to others.

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Your sales resource.

Turn your unknowns about sales and growth into knowns. Whether you are a solopreneur, technical founder, on the path to your series A, or a seasoned sales professional, we have resources built just for you.


Experts. Practitioners. Learning.

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A design oriented approach you can put into practice - now

Your business, your customers, are unique. We help you design for customer experience, your business, and your sales team.
So that you can execute as professionals.

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Sales is a Thinking Process®️

Catalyst Sale is an organization focused on execution. We do this through people and process. Your people can be a Catalyst. Your Process is a Catalyst. Your Prospects are the Catalyst.
Together we can create those power-up opportunities that connect the right people, at the right time, to help navigate through the noise, and win more business.


Learn the fundamental skills that every sales professional must possess such as gathering data, leveraging story, time management, and project management.


Learn step-by-step enablement processes proven to simplify revenue generation. These processes include customer decision making, sales process for forecasting, business process for delivery, and individual rep approach for execution.


Frameworks help with decision-making, problem solving, and execution. Our popular frameworks include a territory planning, account planning, call planning, time management, proposal planning, and our Revenue Operations model.

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What clients are saying

A tactical approach to building a sales strategy

“The class Mike has put together arms those looking for a tactical approach to building a sales strategy. Regardless of your sales experience, if you invest the time to meaningfully work through this course, you will yield confidence in execution and ultimately close more sales.”
Camille Clemons
Cohen & Company

Puts the technical founder into the right mindset of how to make a sale

“Mike has a really great way of taking our biggest technical fears around sales, and smoothing them out as straight forward concepts. He's got an awesome podcast and course material that helps put the technical founder into the right mindset of how to make a sale. ”
Ethan Turner, CAPM®
Executive Director at Maison Ethan Turner

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