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Timely Topics – The What, Why, How, and Impact as We Adopt Remote Work

Timely Topics

Many of us are making the transition to remote work, work from home, or varied hours as we adopt social distancing and work to combat the current pandemic. We are all in this together. However, some of us are further along the “work from home” journey than others. Some having worked this way for years while others of us are just starting.

Break Through the Noise

There is a fair amount of noise out there. There is also some great advice from experts. One challenge, don’t allow yourself to get caught up in the negative headlines. A number of folks, myself included, have worked in a remote/work from home environment for years. Yes, there are systems we have adopted, there are processes we have adopted and there are checks we have put in place.

However, those of us who have historically worked from home, have done so while our spouse/partner has gone into an office, and/or our kids head to school. We are now faced with working in an environment where work, home, life, and school are all being pushed together.

Again, we are all in this together. So, how do we manage?

Start By Defining the Challenge

When I think of problem solving, one of the first objectives I attempt to accomplish is to define the problem. For instance, many of us face the current problem/challenge/obstacle of how to effectively lead, calm and motivate a remote team in uncertain times. How do we maintain focus and sharpen clarity? What message do we send to our internal as well as external customers? What is the right tone?

In this series, I speak with many experts that help define a number of different topics. We discuss common mistakes, ways to avoid those mistakes, how to take care of ourselves and those we lead, how the topic/concept changes in a work from home environment, and how thinking around the topic changes when we look at it through the lens of our team, our customers, and our self.

I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to the experts who gave their time to contribute to this series. Please note, these recordings are un-edited.

The Experts

Empathy – Dr. Ehrin Weiss

Community – Brent Schlenker

Leadership – Dan Cockerell

Communication – Jody Maberry

Anxiety – Lee Cockerell

Mindset – Jeff Noel

Collaboration – Myra Roldan

Clarity and Focus – Mike, Dan, Jody

This one is unique, it was recorded before putting this series together – this is the one episode where the questions are not the same, and it takes more of a conversational tone.

Support – Eric Harrington

Execution – Mike Simmons

Resilience – Alanna Fincke

Thank you

I hope you found this information valuable. Please let me know via the chat on the Catalyst Sale website, or via direct message on twitter, if there are other topics that you’d like us to discuss on the podcast.

Leaders provide guidance, direction, motivation. They do not contribute to the noise. The time to lead is now.

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