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Clarity and Focus – Lead to Execution

Clarity + Focus, lead to execution. Well – they do, if you do the work…

I get it most of us do not like math. However, there are a couple of us out there who do. I’d like to start this journey by looking at the execution problem as an equation.

This one is going to be a relatively simple equation that will lead to predictable results. Predictable results in relation to goal setting and execution.

(Clarity + Focus) + “Do The Work” = Execution

Net/Net – With Clarity and Focus, we will execute on more of our Goals. Small goals, aligned with big goals, lead to better execution

Think about a time where you established a goal. Maybe the goal was to serve an amazing Thanksgiving Dinner. Did you start by putting a Turkey in the Oven? Likely not.

You likely started with a couple of smaller goals, ideally each were aligned with cooking the dinner. This is a really rough simplification.

  • Goal #1 – Decide what will be served
  • Goal #2 – Buy the ingredients
  • Goal #3 – Cook the Dinner
Three Steps

It probably would help if we define the word Goal. Here is a post I shared on LinkedIn.

If/Then Statements

I’ve talked about this in the context of leading teams. If our individual roles align well with team goals/objectives, and our team goals/objectives align well with organizational goals/objectives, then we create clarity – this clarity reduces friction, reduced friction allows the flywheel to continue to gain speed/momentum.

What is Clarity?

According to the Oxford Dictionary – Clarity is a a quality. When I think about this, I think of clean pane of glass. If it is clean and clear, I can see through it. If it is muddy or murky, I’m not able to see what is on the other side.

Things like jargon, acronyms, industry terms can get in the way of communication – and can ultimately create fiction. This friction can be ok if we are considering change or inspiring change, but it can prevent our ability to build momentum.

Breakthrough the Jargon

The clarity in our goal of serving an amazing Thanksgiving dinner, occurs when we create smaller goals that align with the dinner. It’s clear we need to decide what we are going to cook, when we decide to purchase those ingredients, and start cooking the dinner.

Within each of these goals, we provide additional clarity around the things – let’s think about buying the ingredients. The clarity at the sub-goal allows us to create greater focus/attention on execution.

What is Focus?

Now we get to Focus – focus is the activity of attention – how do you know where we should put our attention? Well, before we go further, let’s define Focus with the help of the Oxford Dictionary.

If focus is about putting attention toward something, how does it apply to the Thanksgiving dinner example? By creating clear goals that are aligned with our broader goals and objectives, we can focus our attention directly on the things that matter. Not only the things that matter, but also working on these things in the order that they should occur.

If we focused our attention on cooking the meal before we had the food in the house, how far would we get?

So What?

Ok, we have talked about 3 words. Goals, Clarity, and Focus. If you want to improve on execution in your business there are three things you can do now.

  • Identify GOALS that align with where you want to take your business and/or your role within the business.
  • Create CLARITY on how those goals are defined, what they mean, and how they will impact the business
  • Determine FOCUS – which goals need to be accomplished and in what order should you apply your attention.
  • And, DO THE WORK

Now What?

If you’d like some help with Goals Setting and Execution – please enroll in our recent course – “The GAME Plan”

The GAME Plan – a Catalyst Course

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