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The LinkedIn SSI Score – Does it Correlate to Sales Success?

Host Question – What is an SSI Score? Jody threw us a curveball this week, with his own question.  He has heard Mike and I give each other a hard time about our individual SSI score, and finally asked – what … Read More


Why Your Leadership is Crushing Your Sales Culture

When you are building a sales team, you want to give them an advantage, so it makes sense to lay out your sales process, step by step, right? You provide scripts, checklists, and a playbook to outline the process so … Read More

Confirmation Step - Catalyst Sale Process

The One Step You Miss With Every Sale

What is the mindset of most salespeople when they close a sale? Be honest, if you are like 99% of people in sales when you close a sale you consider your responsibilities are over. Most salespeople think, “I’ve done my … Read More