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Catalyst Sale Call Plan Template

Call Plans That Help You Execute

A Failure to Plan is a Plan to Fail – Ben Franklin

This week we discussed the Catalyst Sale Call Planning template. This was the first in a series of discussions where we will focus on the tactical aspects of Sales. Many of the concepts discussed can apply to meeting planning and SME discussions as well.

Catalyst Sale Call Planning Template

Download the Sales Planning Templates Discussed on the Podcast

What happens if you fail to plan?

  • You may ask the wrong questions
  • You may miss on the questions you intended to ask
  • You make assumptions
  • You create risk

Reduce Risk and Execute

  • Be clear about your criteria for success
  • Be respectful of your customer’s time
  • Set expectations and execute

Looking for Ways to Improve your Planning and Execution?

Execution is critical for a high performing team. In sales, it is easy to determine success. Did you achieve your number or not? Forecasting is another important aspect. Accurate forecasts help your team with investment decisions, accurate forecasts create predictability in revenue, accurate forecasts build trust.

We discussed the importance of process and why your Sales Process and the Customer Decision Making Process are different, on the following episode of the Catalyst Sale Podcast.

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