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Catalyst Sale Account Plan Template

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” – Yogi Berra

This week we discussed the Catalyst Sale Account Plan template. This was the third in a series of discussions where we will focus on the tactical aspects of Sales. Many of the concepts discussed can apply to project planning, program management, and strategic initiatives within your organization.

Catalyst Sale Account Plan Template

Download the Sales Planning Templates Discussed on the Podcast

What are some of the uses of an Account Planning Document?

  • Helps the account rep/account executive/account manager maintain focus.
  • It can be used as a project management tool
  • It can be used for reflection
  • It can support collaboration
  • It can be used as an Executive Summary

Revisit and Update Periodically

  • The Account Plan is a living document, it should not be static
  • Update your Account Plan periodically
  • The Account Plan is useful if the information is current and relevant

Looking for Ways to Improve your Planning and Execution?

Execution is critical for a high performing team. In sales, it is easy to determine success. Did you achieve your number or not? Forecasting is another important aspect. Accurate forecasts help your team with investment decisions, accurate forecasts create predictability in revenue, accurate forecasts build trust.

We discussed the importance of process and why your Sales Process and the Customer Decision Making Process are different, on the following episode of the Catalyst Sale Podcast.

Do the Work

Want to learn more, put the work into practice, and build out your own process that is repeatable. Check out Demystify Sales – a Catalyst Sale course for you and your team.

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