Episode 40 – Successful Sales Calls with Dan Tyre

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Guest – Dan Tyre from HubSpot We are excited to have Dan Tyre join us on this week’s episode of the Catalyst Sale Podcast.  The conversation went so well, we ended up recording our longest podcast to date.  Let us know how you like this format, and who you would like us to invite to join us on the podcast. … Read More

Episode 39 – Plateau Breakthrough


Plateau Breakthrough Practice Area Catalyst Sale has multiple services we deliver to the marketplace.  This is the second in a series of podcasts where we share our capabilities.  In this episode, we discuss Breaking through Revenue Plateaus, and our approach to identifying gaps and risk from the perspective of People, Technology, and Process. CEOs, CFOs, COOs, Board members, Advisors, Investors, … Read More

Episode 38 – Product Market Fit

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Product Market Fit  This week’s episode is the first in a series highlighting the Catalyst Sale practice areas. Catalyst Sale works with organizations to determine Product Market fit before making investments in expensive sales resources. We help validate your sales readiness and build out your initial sales strategy. We do this via a 60 to 90 day engagment, where we … Read More

Episode 37 – Objection Handling

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Sales Foundational Skills – Objection Handling Objections are common in the sales process.  A number of sales training companies offer best practices in handling objections and ways to avoid objections.  Many times these “best practices” are a bit gimicky. Sometimes it is important, as the rep, to raise the objection.  Objections, questions, validation, are critical guideposts that your customers and … Read More

Episode 36 – Sales is a Thinking Process

Listener Question – What do you mean by – Sales is a Thinking Process? It’s more than just our tagline, it’s a guiding concept of ours.  It is part of our culture.  We have not found a substitute for thinking, and we hope we never do. This is one of our shorter podcasts, but we cover some great content relative to the application … Read More

Episode 35 – Salesforce MVP – Dan Peter


Podcast Guest Dan Peter – Salesforce MVP Dan is a Salesforce MVP, and Lead Applications Engineer at Kenandy.  Dan started his Salesforce development career in 2009, and is an active leader in the Salesforce community. You can connect with @DanielJPeter on twitter, or look for him at the next Bay Area Salesforce Developer Meetup. On this week’s episode of the … Read More


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Listener Question – Should You Force the Demo? Does every demo you deliver sound the same?  Are you caught in the demo script trap?  Are you more focused on scheduling the demo, than understanding your customer/prospects organization? If you answered yes to the above, you’ll find this week’s podcast insightful, and hopefully a little fun. If you are in sales … Read More

Episode 33 – Sales Training


Where do you Start when Planning an Effective Sales Training Event or Global Sales Meeting? What is the current state? What is the desired state? What are your gaps? How will you execute? How will you follow-up and hold the team accountable? Who are the experts in your organization that you can lean on? There are no silver bullets, but there … Read More

Episode 32 – Customer Churn

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Listener Question – Customer Churn  Churn is inevitable.  It should be considered in your business planning, as it is something most SaaS organizations experience on a monthly basis.  Other companies may track churn on a quarterly or annual basis. What if you are a sale rep, and something happens beyond your control, and now your number is at risk? How do you get … Read More

Episode 31 – Q1 is finished – what’s next?


The first part of the year is finished, how are you performing against your plan? t’s the end of the quarter, so we kept this one short.  Mike Conner & I talk off the cuff about how quick the first quarter of the year has evaporated.  You may be ahead of plan – if that’s the case, “make hay while … Read More