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Listener Question – Should You Force the Demo?

Does every demo you deliver sound the same?  Are you caught in the demo script trap?  Are you more focused on scheduling the demo, than understanding your customer/prospects organization?

If you answered yes to the above, you’ll find this week’s podcast insightful, and hopefully a little fun.

If you are in sales management and one of the KPIs for your team is the number of demos they conduct on a weekly basis, you should listen to our response to Mike’s question.

The demo should be for the customer, not manufactured to meet a set of KPIs, nor an opportunity for you to display all of the features and functions of your product.  A good demo is delivered in the context of the customer, using stories and experience to help the customer visualize the application within their use case.

This week Mike & Mike get into a deep discussion around customer demos.  We discuss the timing of the demo, personalization for the customer, demo loops, and many of the common mistakes made when you rush to demo.

Thanks for listening & for sharing with your team.

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