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Episode 37 – Objection Handling

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Sales Foundational Skills – Objection Handling

Objections are common in the sales process.  A number of sales training companies offer best practices in handling objections and ways to avoid objections.  Many times these “best practices” are a bit gimicky.

Sometimes it is important, as the rep, to raise the objection.  Objections, questions, validation, are critical guideposts that your customers and you must navigate as they work toward their decision.

Common objections include price, influence, time, budget, competitive capabilities, technology, etc.  Sometimes the objection is less common.  Even worse, the objection might be silent.  Remeber – The worst objection is the one you don’t hear.

Mike & I share our approach when it comes to objection handling, how we have trained our teams to handle the objection, and the mistakes you will want to avoid.

Humanize the process, continue to provide value, and don’t answer your objections with a list of information your client/prospect can pull out of the FAQs.  If someone tells you that “every objection can be overcome” they are probably selling you on some “technique”, and not the process.

Roleplay and game planning should play an important role in your objection handling approach.  As we have said before (Ben Franklin) – failure to plan is a plan to fail.

Assumptions Establish a Quick Path to Failure

If you walk away with one key takeaway from this podcast – Don’t make assumptions.  When it comes to listening to objections, or responding to those objections – Listen to understand, not to respond.

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