What is the Qualification Step in Sales?


In sales, the qualification step is about gathering information that will help you craft a solution to a specific problem or question that an organization may have. This step is oftentimes regarded as the foundation of any proposal or job. You can’t pitch a perfect idea or do a great job if you’re lacking important information. Qualification allows you to … Read More

Catalyst Sale: The Validation Step (Podcast)


What is the Validation Step? The validation step helps you determine whether or not there is a business opportunity in front of you. This step is all about getting to know the organization, the people that work there, and their roles. It’s about validating that you have the right information, that you’re working with the right people, and that you’re … Read More

Coaching – Is a Coach the Right Fit?

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Is this a job for Coaching, Training, or Mentoring? Getting better every day is something that many people discuss, however they fail in execution. The greatest athletes in the world rely on coaches every day – do you? It is one thing to aspire to grow, aspire to improve, it is another thing to take action. Action starts with a … Read More

Fundamentals in Sales


The Fundamentals in Sales are Fundamental Zig Ziglar is known for a number of things, including the foundational sales skills he shared with others.  How have the fundamental skills changed or evolved over time?  Have they, or are we simply repackaging many of the same old concepts? Here are some notable Zig Ziglar quotes. Your Attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your … Read More

Episode 58 – What is an SDR? Guest Morgan Ingram

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SDR - Morgan Ingram

Guest – Morgan Ingram, Host of the SDR Chronicles The Sales Development Representative (SDR) role is another level of specialization within the sales function.  Some organizations have adopted this role and successfully integrated the position into their teams, while others struggle with success.  Many of the organizations who struggle with success have identified a breakdown in transition process between the … Read More

Sales Territory Planning That Works

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the catalyst sale territory template

Territory Planning – A Catalyst Sale Approach Territory planning is where it all begins.  You establish the outer guideposts for where you will focus your attention.  The broader this range is, the higher the risk.  The more targeted, based on data, the lower the risk. How to Create a Sales Territory Plan from Scratch Let’s say you have joined a … Read More

Episode 56 – Innovation in Sales with Tiffani Bova

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dealing false start

Tiffani Bova, Global, Customer Growth, Sales and Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce and host of the What’s Next Podcast joins us on the Catalyst Sale Podcast this week to discuss innovation within the sales profession, customer experience, taking ownership of your personal development, and a number of other topics. “You control how you interact with your customers” – Tiffani Bova Have you thought … Read More

Episode 55 – Buy vs Build Lists – What should you Do?

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Listener Question – When Does it Make Sense to Buy a Mailing List or List of Leads? Buy vs Build is one of the most common questions facing business leaders today.  Jordan, a listener in Texas, asks when does it make sense to purchase a list? This week on the Catalyst Sale podcast we discuss how to create a list when … Read More

Episode 54 – Podcasting to Share Knowledge

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sales territory planning

Special Episode – Lessons learned in Podcasting with Jody, Mike & Mike We launched our podcast in October 2016, and we have learned a lot since the launch.  We originally started recording in June, to build up our backlog of content.  It was important to us to be consistent in the delivery of content.  We have delivered new episodes on … Read More

Episode 53 – Does Your Process Get in the Way of Progress?

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Time Management

Is Your Process Slowing your Progress or Improving Performance? Process supports scalability and execution.  An effective process is important when creating predictable growth.  Lack of process usually results in higher risk, confusion, and inconsistency.  An ineffective process creates waste. This week on the Catalyst Sale podcast we discuss how process potentially prevents or limits progress. We also discuss how process for … Read More