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Episode 53 – Does Your Process Get in the Way of Progress?

Time Management

Is Your Process Slowing your Progress or Improving Performance?

Process supports scalability and execution.  An effective process is important when creating predictable growth.  Lack of process usually results in higher risk, confusion, and inconsistency.  An ineffective process creates waste.

This week on the Catalyst Sale podcast we discuss how process potentially prevents or limits progress. We also discuss how process for the sake of process may be driven by ego or a lack of understanding.

Evaluating process is a requirement for leadership.  Evaluation requires and understanding of the why behind the process, understanding of the role, understanding of the expected outcomes, and an understanding of what has changed.  The what’s changed could be technology, team mix, customer expectations, etc.

Questions for Consideration

  • What if a rep/team member challenges you on a current process?
  • Constantly ask yourself – why are we doing this?
  • Where Can I Improve?
  • Is this process for you, or is it for the benefit of the team/organization?
  • When is the last time you evaluated your current process to determine if it is yield expected results?

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Key Takeaways

  • This is how we have always done it – should not be your fall back.
  • Create a culture where asking questions is expected – your team should trust you, you should trust your team.
  • When establishing process, begin with the end in mind & establish guideposts.  Give your team the flexibility, the creativity to work within the guideposts.
  • Leverage the strength and experience of your team.  We are smarter than me – Barry Libert and Jon Spector
  • Process for the sake of process stifles creativity, and may take the focus of the team away from the things that really matter.
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