Catalyst Sale: The Proposal Step

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the proposal step

The Proposal Step Mike Conner is back this week.  Mike & Mike discuss proposals, common errors, and how to prepare your proposals for success.  At Catalyst Sale, when we get to the proposal stage of our sales process, we forecast at 90%.  We discuss why, and share our experience. Catalyst Sale Sales is a Thinking Process. Catalyst Sale is a … Read More

Time Management for Sales Professionals

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Time Management

Time Management for Sales Professionals The Catalyst Sale podcast has its first guest.  Lee Cockerell is a former Executive Vice President of Operations.  He is the author of Time Management Magic, and has recently launched his 4th book, Career Magic. Mike & Lee discuss time management, building trust, prioritization, and doing the right things now to prepare for the future. … Read More

Hiring a Sales Professional

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Hire a professional

Hiring a Sales Professional Mike and Mike share their thoughts on how they hire, what qualities and characteristics they look for, and how they partner with Arizona State University.  They share best practices, lessons learned and common mistakes. Whether you are thinking about hiring, or you are going through the interview process yourself, you will find this episode valuable. Sales … Read More

A Review of the Dreamforce Conference

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Dreamforce is an annual event, this year ~170K developers, operators, consultants, and sales professionals met in San Francisco. Mike and Mike share their thoughts on the event, lessons learned, best practices, and emerging trends they are most excited about. Sales is a Thinking Process.  Catalyst Sale is a learning organization first and foremost. That’s why we care about a thinking … Read More

Dealing with False Starts

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dealing false start

Dealing With False Starts Everyone can think of a scenario where you thought the conversation was going one way, only to find that the momentum stops. Mike & Mike discuss their experience with false starts, how to avoid them, and why they occur. Whether it was with a customer, with your child, with your spouse.  This is a common occurrence … Read More

Catalyst Sale: Fit and Feasibility Steps

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How do you know if you can deliver on the customer’s requirements?  Have you ever said, ‘yes, we can do that’, only to find out you can’t?  What about managing opportunity costs? Mike & Mike discuss the 3rd and 4th steps to the Catalyst Sale Process.  Can you address the problem that the customer is attempting to solve?  Is the … Read More

Starting at Ground Zero

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Is your product, your service, your capability, ready for delivery within the market?  Or, have you not reached your zero state.  Mike & Mike discuss the ground zero concept, and what happens if you are ‘less than’ zero. Sales is a Thinking Process.  Catalyst Sale is a learning organization first and foremost. That’s why we care about a thinking process … Read More

What is Sales? (Podcast)

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two guys shaking hands after closing a deal with the words "what is sales" on the image

Sales is about asking questions, making connections, and solving problems. Working in sales, you help people paint the picture of how a solution you have can fix a problem they have.  Sales Definition: Sales is the function of connecting the dots between a problem and a solution, and compelling the person(s) with the problem to take action. The problem may … Read More

Catalyst Sale: The Confirmation Step (Podcast)

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The Confirmation Step The confirmation step is a critical, and often missed step in the Catalyst Sale process. Many Sales Reps stop when the deal is closed.  Mike & Mike discuss lessons learned, and how the confirmation step is really just the beginning. Catalyst Sale Sales is a Thinking Process.  Catalyst Sale is a learning organization first and foremost. That’s … Read More

Introduction to Catalyst Sale (Podcast)

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Introduction to Catalyst Sale Catalyst Sale Sales is a thinking process, we are a learning organization.  We are committed to learning and the evolution of Sales. In this episode, you will hear the Catalyst Sale story, our background, and what to expect from future episodes. You will be introduced to Mike Conner & Mike Simmons – Catalyst Sale Founders, and … Read More