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What is Sales? (Podcast)

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Sales is about asking questions, making connections, and solving problems. Working in sales, you help people paint the picture of how a solution you have can fix a problem they have. 

Sales Definition:

Sales is the function of connecting the dots between a problem and a solution, and compelling the person(s) with the problem to take action. The problem may be known or unknown. The solution may be a product or service, or a combination of both.

Why Do People Get Into Sales?

Some people get into the sales for the money, but this is easily identifiable in sales professionals. In order to be successful in sales, you can’t put your personal gain above the customers, because you can’t deliver a solution crafted to them if your focus is on yourself. 

A better answer is that people get into sales because they have a knack for helping people and solving problems. People with competitive natures are oftentimes successful sales professionals because they’re willing to push themselves to do better than they have done previously. 

You won’t succeed in sales if you’re expecting it to be easy, or if you’re expecting everyone to say yes. 

How Do You Become Successful in Sales?

Your success in the sales field is completely dependent on you and how much effort you’re willing to put in. There are a couple of tricks that might help you get on the right path, however. 

Stay Grounded in What You Do

There are both high and low days in sales. You’ll have brilliant ideas, and sometimes you’ll fall flat. Overconfidence leads to mistakes. Keeping yourself grounded in what you do, and continuing to work every day, will help you be successful. It’s better to constantly stay in the mid-range of success than to be constantly fluctuating between extreme highs and lows. 

Find a Good Team

Find a supportive team of people you can work with. Even if you aren’t necessarily on a team, find people who you can share your ideas with, and that will help you when you’re struggling. Working together helps keep everyone on course, and creates better success overall. 

Learn the Entire Process

Even if your job is to handle one step of the sales process, you need to be able to effectively work through each step. If it’s your job to close a deal, but you don’t have any background from the qualification or validation steps of the process, it’s going to be a lot more difficult for you to connect with your client and persuade them to work with you. If you want to be successful in the sales field, you have to be able to work the process all the way through. 

Build Your Pipeline

Your target market is made up of all the people who may want or have a need for your services.  Your pipeline is the subset of these people/organizations, who you have met with, where you have validated that there is the potential for you to conduct business.  

It is important to build your pipeline because the contacts you make in any given thirty day period will be your sales for the next ninety. Taking time off from building your pipeline hurts you and your sales in the long run. 

Sales is all about making connections and helping people improve. You can do this successfully by staying grounded in what you do and finding a good support team. Don’t put an overwhelming amount of pressure on yourself, but do your best every time you work through the sales process. Building a strong knowledge of this process along with building your pipeline will put you on the right track to be successful in the sales field. 

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