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Episode 27 – Sales Enablement

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Sales Enablement – The Swiss Army Knife of your Sales Organization 

Sales Enablement takes on a different meaning depending on who is involved in the conversation, and who is driving the mission.  Today, there are a number of sales enablement technologies that have entered the marketplace.

Sales enablement goes well beyond tools and technology.  It includes process, it includes communication, it includes integration.  It can be the bridge that connects marketing, operations, engineering, technology, finance, and operations.  In our experience, the ability for someone, or a group, that plays the role of connector across lines of business will help you minimize false starts.

In this weeks’ episode of the Catalyst Sale Podcast we share how we define sales enablement at Catalyst Sale, why you may want to consider this type of role in your organization, and how to execute.  Mike and Mike also share their experience with building a sales enablement team from the ground up.

Download the Sales Planning Templates Discussed on the Podcast

Catalyst Sale

Sales is a Thinking Process. Catalyst Sale is a learning organization first and foremost. That’s why we care about a thinking process that enables results versus a process that tells people what to do. We aim to add value whenever we can, and our true success is measured by the sustainability of our work long after we complete a project. We surround ourselves with good company and never stop learning.

We are Catalysts. We Connect people we know and people we meet to help create opportunity for others. We Challenge ourselves, our clients and our team, to discover what is possible. We Learn from others, others learn from us and that never stops. We Contribute our expertise to deliver results with meaningful projects that are aligned with our values. We care about the people we work with every day and get great satisfaction from seeing them thrive.

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