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Episode 29 – The Account Plan


The Catalyst Sale Account Plan – Strategic Account Plan Template

At Catalyst Sale we look at the account plan as the roadmap of where we have been, and where we expect to go with an account.  The document is critical to effective strategic sales, and account management.  This plan fits into our qualification stage of our sales process, and will be utilized through proposal, confirmation, and beyond.

Account planning includes baseline information such as goals, objectives, the roles of the players in the relationship.  It also should include a list of open questions, or gaps in knowledge.  The things we need to know but have not yet determined or uncovered.

An effective account plan should read like a story, one that can be used to allow senior leadership, or other players on the team to read up on an account quickly.  We address the why, the who, the what, and via the 30/60/90/180 & past 90, and the when.

In this weeks’ episode of the Catalyst Sale Podcast, we share our personal experience related to strategic account planning, why it is worth the investment of time, and how we apply this approach with our client base.

Download the Sales Planning Templates Discussed on the Podcast

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Sales is a Thinking Process. Catalyst Sale is a learning organization first and foremost. That’s why we care about a thinking process that enables results versus a process that tells people what to do. We aim to add value whenever we can, and our true success is measured by the sustainability of our work long after we complete a project. We surround ourselves with good company and never stop learning.

We are Catalysts. We Connect people we know and people we meet to help create an opportunity for others. We Challenge ourselves, our clients and our team, to discover what is possible. We Learn from others, others learn from us and that never stops. We Contribute our expertise to deliver results with meaningful projects that are aligned with our values. We care about the people we work with every day and get great satisfaction from seeing them thrive.

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