Catalyst Sale


Jody Maberry

Mike & Mike are a treasure. Together, they are a perfect blend of personality, wit, humor, and getting stuff done. I have been impressed with how deliberate and intentional they are with everything they do. Mike & Mike have shown me that if you are working on the right things, you can accomplish your goals and have fun doing it. … Read More

Marc Valenzuela

Catalyst Sale has not only been a stellar evangelist for ASU SkySong, they have also been an outstanding neighbor to their fellow companies. Every time we host an event or need a guest speaker, the Catalyst Sale team is quick to step up and assist. They continually go above and beyond serving as an invaluable resource to the SkySong innovation ecosystem and we are happy they have chosen to grow with us … Read More

Jill Tomich

Mike & Mike began their outreach to prospects and customers before our engagement began officially. They tested the market, validated perceptions, and identified potential partnership opportunities. We look forward to working with Catalyst Sale, and leveraging their network & experience. … Read More

Drew D’Agostino

We can count on Catalyst Sale, whether representing us at strategic events, identifying customers and gathering feedback, or helping us to determine if market fit they play a very important advisory role. Catalyst Sale challenges us, makes us think, and … Read More

James Potts

Catalyst Sale’s knowledge and practice of sales strategy is first class. They have the ability to distill and teach sales methodologies for any business from years of experience and success. A true pleasure to work with and learn from. … Read More

Ben Williams

I was initially skeptical that a remote part-time sales team could fit in with our culture and quickly get up to speed on our market and product. But, the leadership and team at Catalyst is world-class, they worked hard to find a financial arrangement that aligned incentives, and they went to great lengths to get up to speed and become members of our team. If you need to scale your sales team fast, or want to outsource your sales function entirely, I don’t think you will find better than Catalyst. … Read More