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Written musings from Mike Simmons and his team. We aim to break down and visualize complex ideas in a way that makes them accessible to sale professionals at all levels.

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Every single week we show up to help you become the sales leader you were meant to be. Each week we address a different problem or scenario, sometimes with a guest, sometimes solo.


Planning your approach with customers is a given, over time it becomes natural, however, in the beginning, there are some common mistakes we all make.
We look at the call plan and the account plan as a frame of reference, guideposts you can use to keep your relationship on track. The territory plan helps you to ensure focus.

Complete with:

  • Catalyst Sale Call Plan Template
  • Catalyst Sale Account Plan Template
  • Catalyst Sale Territory Plan Template

Seven Crucial Mistakes that Keep You From Winning

This resource is a map of hidden traps that lay in wait for would-be goal seekers and is part of what I help students avoid when going through The GAME Plan. Without this resource, you’ll hit roadblock after roadblock, wondering why your goals never get within reach. With this resource, you’ll know exactly what to avoid and will achieve your goals easier and faster.


You want to be successful in sales and in your career. We want that for you as well! Unfortunately, some people will start their careers with habits or myths they will need to break. This resource lays out the 10 most common things we see hold people back AND how to avoid falling into those traps.

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