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You NEED to increase revenue.
How will you do it?

Demystify Sales and Increase Revenue

You're a professional. You're excellent at your craft, but you don't know how to make enough money doing it.

I've been there, many people have.

We have a proven solution.

The Catalyst Sale Revenue Operations Framework and Foundational Sales Skills will help you create your very own personal sales playbook.

Demystify Sales

Course Outline

Get to know your customer from an individual role and organizational role level. Learn what they care about, who they have influence over, what their business looks like, etc.

Become clear on what your business has to offer, how you will delivery it, and what the benefit of working with your business is. Then understand how money flows through your business.

Know what you are going to do and say before you even reach out. Create a process that is repeatable and actionable for both parties.

Remember – sales is not about YOU, it’s about the customer. Learn how to ask the right questions in order to deliver better results.

Understand the characters in your customers’ stories. What/who are the villains? Who are the persons of influence? How will you help your customer become the hero?

Say no. Your time is valuable. There are somethings that need to get done right away, there are things that can wait, and there are things that just aren’t important. Learn tools that can help you identify where tasks land.

Create a plan and stick to it. We dive deep into account planning, dealing with false starts and the importances of a 30/60/90 day plan.

Go forth and SELL. Now it’s time to execute. Put your new skills to practice and master your revenue operations. 

Our Promise to You

If, after putting this into practice, doing the work, and executing, you do not see your business growing in a way that excites you, I will provide two additional 25 min coaching sessions. In these sessions we will work through your course work, test methods, and iterate as necessary to get you on the right path.

What people have to say about the course

A tactical approach to building a sales strategy

"The class Mike has put together arms those looking for a tactical approach to building a sales strategy. Regardless of your sales experience, if you invest the time to meaningfully work through this course, you will yield confidence in execution and ultimately close more sales." Camille Clemons

Functional, action-oriented approach to selling

"I’ve been fortunate enough to see this course while it was in development, and it’s really, really good. It’s thoughtfully and beautifully designed, and those who take it will have a more functional, action-oriented approach to selling. Check it out." Jeff Bajorek

Are you ready to reach the next level of revenue?

Sales is simply connecting the dots between problems and solutions.

Meet Your Teacher

Mike Simmons

Chief Revenue Officer, CybSafe
More than 2 decades of operations, consulting, customer success, sales, sales operations leadership experience. 15 of these years have been in the EdTech space where Mike has helped numerous clients achieve success through the application of innovative technology to their learning, skills development and behavior change challenges.

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