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Whether you are brand new to sales as a solopreneur or you're in a C-Suite attempting to get more revenue out of your team, we are here to meet you where you are. Choose the path that makes the most sense for you.


Free Sales Education Resources

Each week Catalyst Sale releases a podcast episode covering everything from solutions to common obstacles to up-and-coming sales solutions. Every episode is meant to be actionable and applicable to sales professionals at all levels.

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Self-Paced Sales Training

Invest in yourself and your business by taking a self-paced online course. Courses allow you to move through the content at your own pace to ensure full comprehension of every concept. We currently offer three courses: Demystify Sales, Catalyst Core, The Reset. Each course is designed to address a different pain point in sales.

Demystify Sales

Get the tools, methods, framework, and processes to help you build your confidence in sales and grow your business.

This is the right course for you if you are:

  • A small business owner looking to generate more revenue
  • A founder in need of revenue growth
  • A new sales professional
  • Looking to create a sales strategy that works
  • Looking to simplify your sales process

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The Reset

15 days of work and personal focus, and a plan to help you execute YOUR 90-day goals.

This is the right course for you if:

  • You need the motivation to set goals
  • You are a goal setter that struggles with creating a plan
  • You have a plan created that you can't seem to execute

You just need a reset.

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"Through this course, what felt like it should be simple, actually became so. Mike makes such sense of what's necessary to identify gaps in my process, that what I'm learning is immediately actionable and effective."
DeJuan A. Brown

Hire a Sales Coach, Trainer, or Consultant

Get someone to be invested in your sales processes and revenue growth.


One-on-one coaching sessions with a sales strategist can take you from ground 0 to high-performance, all through a series of questions and a little pattern catching. Our sales coach will work with you to help you uncover and overcome your sales biases and blindspots by defining a sales strategy with you.


One-to-many training is meant to help your team level-up through foundational teachings and process overhauls (where necessary). Together, we will identify gaps, overcome obstacles and grow your revenue.


Generally, this process starts with an in-depth audit of your sales processes and teams. Upon completing an audit, we will identify areas for improvement and offer training in those areas. You will also have our in-house strategist, Mike Simmons, at your fingertips for any and all sales related questions and decision-making needs.

Launch Your Team Into Success

Launch Your Team Into Success

A Process Proven to Work

A “thinking” process is core to our methods and approach. This thinking helps you uncover and identify risk, test assumptions, and execute. Know the problem you solve, know who cares about the problem, and help them.

Process - Have you considered that process changes depending on the lens you look at it through?

There’s no magic bullet. Whether understating your customer, forecasting sales, executing on your job – a defined process, executed by a thinking professional, delivers predictable results.


Is there the potential for a business relationship?


What is you customer's Story?


Can you solve these problems?


Can your customer Execute?


Send the right proposal the first time